“I don’t have a logo/business card/website, nobody will think I’m legit. Am I legit?”

“Ugh, my brand and website were built years ago and I hate them now, they don’t feel like me anymore.”

You’ve got a bad case of the web shame.

Maybe you’ve

Maybe you’ve

… been in biz for a while, DIY’d your brand and website when you first started and you’re finally ready to up your game in a serious way. 

… just started your business, you’ve worked with a few clients and are ready to start it off right and look and sound legit as you bring your magic to the world.

… been around the block, done the branding and web work before and you’re feeling like it could all use a little refresh.

…. got a bumpin’ personal brand and now you have an offering that needs a sister brand of its own.

Which ever it is, you want a beautiful, totally you brand ASA(f-ing)P!

Brand Quickie was made for you.

You know that you’re here to do big shit AND you know that you need a bumpin’ online presence to have a bumpin’ business, but you have no idea how to communicate who you are and what you do, verbally OR visually. S’all good, I got you.

I can help you get to the who, how, why and WTF of it all AND design you a beautiful brand to boot.

And it might even be fun (gasp?!) 

You’re ready for a Brand quickie If:

  • You’re hiding from the internet/world/that networking event because you aren’t “ready.”
  • You are so stoked about changing the world but you have no idea how to articulate what you do.
  • The idea of giving someone your business card or website makes you want to hurl.
  • You want your brand to look cohesive across all your platforms and you have no idea where to begin.
  • You’re freaking out because you know you want to be a _____ (coach, nutritionist, blogger, writer, speaker, etc.) but there are so many other ______ out there and how could you possibly be any different or better than them. You’re possibly thinking you should just quit while you’re ahead and stick with your 9-5…

Don’t give up! We need you!

I believe that we are all in this world with gifts that make the world a better place, and by not using them we are robbing the world of something it sorely needs. Personally, I believe in small business as one major force for good, a change agent in the world. Simply put, I believe in the power of doing good with your life and making a good living doing it. We need your special sauce. 

I want to change the world, but I can’t do it all on my own, I need you. My purpose in life is to empower others to live wildly, love deeply and create daily so that together we can leave this planet in better shape than we found it. Given that, I have decided to embark on a mission…

my mission is to help 100 people launch their game changing businesses into the world, this year.


Brand Quickie is the how to my why. After working with scores of clients over the past couple years to help them bring their dreams and brands to life, I have boiled down what is often a several month long process into one juicy day of magic making. One juicy day where we get your branding essentials covered so you can get on with your benevolent world domination.

Once we’ve had our brand quickie you’ll feel empowered, ready to change the world. You’ll have a visual touchstone, for when you get caught in the weeds AND you’ll be able to clearly communicate who you are and what you do to your dream clients, and everyone else. You’re probably wondering…

What’s included?

The Big Beautiful Brand Bible

This is your brand all wrapped up with a bow. It is a ten page document that includes all the juicy bits of messaging and design we create together (listed below) for you to review whenever you need to get re-centered in your brand or to give to any other creative vendors (designers, stylists, photographers, videographers, virtual assistants) that you hire on your rise to greatness. This is your strategic and visual guide as you DIY your own website or pass it on to a developer/designer to do it for you.

Your Purpose Statement

(aka – the sentence you write on your mirror so that you’re reminded every morning of why you’re doing what you’re doing.) This is your guiding light, your north star, your own personal mission statement.

Your Spiel

(aka – how you answer the question “Soooooo, what do you do?”)

Perfect for that networking event, your social media bios, a dinner party or even tea with your grandma. This is your elevator pitch, your first chance to connect deeply with your dream clients. 

Your Peeps

Who do you serve? (hot tip: unless you are the government, it sure ain’t everybody.) These are your peeps, your crew, your dreamiest of clients. We’ll deep dive into what they’re all about, what their values are (hint: they’re probably the same as yours), what their challenges are and what they’re dreaming about.

Your Special Sauce

This is your particular brand of magic. This is what makes us want to buy from you instead of anyone else. We’ll deep dive into what it is about you that makes you the shit. What your energy and style are and what makes your uniquely poised to help your clients get where they want to go.

The Moodboard

We’re going to nail down the look and feel of your brand. This is suuuuuuper useful for you to have on hand if you’re DIYing your website/social media/etc.

It is also exactly what you need if you want to hire a designer/photographer/videographer/social media manager and/or bribe your best friend who has a camera and an old copy of photoshop to help you bring your brand to life. You can hand this to them to make sure what they create is consistent with your brand. Like your purpose statement, this is your guiding light when it comes to bringing your brand to life visually.

The Colour Palette

Colour communicates so much and has the power to evoke specific feelings in us. Because of this, it needs to be used very intentionally. After spending a couple of hours immersed in the energy of you and your business I’ll help you find a colour palette that captures and communicates your essence. This will come with hex, rgb and cmyk codes so that if you are designing your own site you can plug these codes in and you’re good to go. These codes are what allow you to use these colours consistently everywhere in your brand.

The Type Palette

Like colour, type can communicate so much and we want you to be using it intentionally. Because while comic sans and papyrus are fun, they don’t really communicate a “you should take me seriously because I’m a legit professional, or something…” During the design party I will help you find the perfect combination of fonts that oozes with you-ness. Not only will I help you find the perfect pairing of fonts, I write you up a guide of exactly how to use them so you don’t ever have to think about it when you’re building a website, writing an ebook or making a social media post.

The Logo (a wordmark)

A wordmark is a text based logo that you can use for everything – your business cards/invoices/tshirts/website everything!

Once we’ve chosen your colours and fonts, I will design you a wordmark, live! This means you get to give me real time feedback so that you end up with something that you love without the three months of back and forth of a typical logo design.

Here’s AN Example of A Brand Bible


Along with the brand bible you’ll receive your new wordmark in all your colours and all the formats you could possibly need it in as you move forward.

The Album

You’ll also get a recording of our Brand Strategy Jam Sesh and Design Time so that 1. you can focus on being there and not taking notes and 2. you can come back to it whenever you’re feeling like you need a refresher.

The Follow Up

After our day together you’ll receive a link to book your 90 minute follow up call that you get to schedule at your leisure within a month of our session. You can use this for anything.

  • Sat with the designs and decided you want to tweak them? I’m on it!
  • Designing your own site and want my expert eyeballs on it? You got it!
  • Feeling stuck and need some coaching? Let’s do this.
  • Struggling with naming an offering (or naming the price). Bring it!

You get to use this time for whatever you need.

What’s the process?


If this feels like a good fit for you, you’ll click on the “Let’s get it on!” button below. This will take you to my calendar where you get to choose the best day for us to have our brand quickie and complete the checkout process.

Once you’ve booked and paid for your spot, you’ll receive an email that includes the link for our call, my big yummy questionnaire to fill out so I can study up on you before we work together to make the most of our day, and instructions to create a Pinterest board to gather a bucket load of visual inspiration so that I can get a sense of your style.

The big day

Before our call make yourself a cup of tea, make sure you’re well fed, grab your notebook, light a candle, pull a card, say a prayer to the business gods, do whatever you need to do make yourself comfortable somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed.

At least 10 minutes before our call, click on the call link to download and install Zoom onto your computer and then hop on the call where we will start with…


This is where we deep dive into your biz and lay out the why, what, who and how of it all. This includes your purspose statement, the shpeal, who your peeps are and what your special sauce is. I will take your hand and guide you through this often daunting process.


Through out the day we’ll take breaks to clear our heads, fuel up, and digest or mull over any bits that need to be mulled.

As we finish the brand strategy portion of our call, we’ll take a lunch break. During this time I recommend taking a quick nature break to integrate, and have a dance party as well as nourishing yourself.

Once we’re refreshed, we’ll hop back on the call for…


This is where you and I co-create your brand! After reviewing your pinterest board together, I’ll design your brand LIVE by sharing my screen while I work so that you can give me real time feedback to make sure it is you to a T.

We’ll start with the moodboard to make sure we’re on the same page and then we’ll build out the colour and type palettes and finally the word mark! This is the real magic of this day, by designing live and co-creating with you I’ve cut out the months of emailing back and forth with the billions of rounds of revisions it takes most designers.


After our awesome day together, you get to go celebrate with a glass of something delicious while I put together all your goodies into one yummy package. This will include your shiny new Brand Bible, the recording of our session and the link to book your follow up session when you’re ready.


What’s the investment?


The investment for Brand Quickie is $1500 CAD

For those of you not from the great white north – that works out to approximately $1100 USD these days.



Below is a collection of some of my past work.

Click on each logo to see the full brand. 

Ready for your own Brand Quickie?

Hi, I’m Azalea!

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On a less profesh level, I’m a outdoorsy wild child that likes to travel the world and make things by hand. I’m currently living in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. 

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